Longest period of no masturbation

Age: 26
Weight: 167
Height: 48
Size: 3
I Free I , Jun 22, Without becoming self aware or putting some effort, a little less than a week. Since I was a teenager at the time it was brutal by the last few days.
ReadingRainbow4 Follow Forum Posts: Before NoFap, I had streaks of 2 - 3 weeks, but no real noticeable changes. Before that maybe a month or so. Since I've joined Nofap 11days without touching my penis and giving it a little pleasure
Jared94 has no reputation, good or bad yet. (0) . dont know what corrolation this exactly has but during this time i have gotten my first gf lol. Just having an argument with the SO (hey look everybody) about men, women and masturbation. For me, in recent memory, it was a 10 day.

Longest you've ever gone without masturbation?

Age: 30
Weight: 171
Height: 50
Size: 3
MrBony , Jun 22,
Fightingfan Follow Forum Posts: He beat the previous world record — which was also his — by 28 minutes. Jun 22, 1. And I hope I can finish a 90 days rebooting this time! I cannot recall in recent memory a time where I have gone longer than 48 hours without a "release" of some form. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Talk about hard work.
Log in or Sign up. Longest you've ever gone without masturbation? Jun 22, 1. What's the longest time you've gone without masturbation since you started masturbating? For me it was days. RedPillRebooterJun 22, Jun 22, 2.
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